A Holistic Treatment for Fibromyalgia - Natural Pain Remedies and Alternative Medicine (Part I)

Jul 3, 2013

There is strong evidence to support that the best treatment plan for patients suffering from Fibromyalgia and all its related extensive symptoms is one that views this disorder in a holistic manner, thus, focusing more than ever on the beneficial effects of natural pain remedies (i.e. supplements, herbs) and on alternative therapies and treatments.

Statistically one in 50 adult Americans either already struggles with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia or is bound to experience chronic pain from another medical condition, as the recorded number of such medical cases has exponentially grown in the last decade. Unlike finding relief for arthritis, which is a rather common condition, considering that the exact cause of Fibromyalgia onset is currently unknown, its treatment poses many challenges for doctors and patients alike.

Its primary characteristic, widespread pain, can be explained by the neurochemical imbalances and the abnormalities observed in the way pain is being processed by the brain. However, this condition is known to manifest as a syndrome; ultimately, other symptoms such as numbness, fatigue, stiffness, cognitive dysfunction, depression and insomnia interfering yet more with the patients' already degrading life quality.

While some specialists believe that there is a defining psychological factor involved in the development of Fibromyalgia, namely prolonged exposure to stress, others insist that the genetic and neurobiological layers interconnected with environmental factors increase the risks of Fibromyalgia development.

Differential diagnosis is the preferred approach and it is usually employed in order to reduce the time spent on otherwise redundant relief for arthritis and/or osteoporosis - two rheumatic conditions which mimic the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

The complexity of the Fibromyalgia syndrome has deterred specialists from finding an universally accepted treatment or cure, so that, for now, implementing a holistic treatment plan with a constellation of alternative and traditional therapies has gained ground and wide acceptance within the community. From acupuncture, meditation, cognitive-behavioural therapy and massage, chiropractic sessions and biofeedback to homeopathy, natural pain remedies and herbal therapies, the palette of alternatives available for the symptomatic treatment of this pain-related illness is wide enough. However, the general orientation is to complement conventional prescribed medication with alternative treatments, as it has been proven that the former cannot address the Fibromyalgia syndrome in its entirety.

Out of the complementary treatment category, the use of herbs and natural supplements has proven to be effective in relieving symptoms of pain, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. With a growing interest from health professionals for the use of natural pain remedies, recent research shows that a combination of the perfect amount of supplements and herbs can significantly reduce chronic hip joint pain, offer much needed relief from back pain, have less side effects than conventional medication and generally improve life quality at lower costs.

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