Chronic pain stops you from living and enjoying your life.

  • I - Live Pain Free relieves symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, migraine, gout, muscle and do joint pain treatment, arthritis treatment plus many other kinds of chronic pain
  • I - Live Pain Free reduces inflammation and allows your body to heal itself
  • I - Live Pain Free detoxifies your system and permits your injured tissue to repair and regenerate
  • I - Live Pain Free is a natural, non habit forming way to relieve chronic pain and hip joint pain
  • I - Live Pain Free has relieved pain for some people in less than a week!


"I-Live Pain Free!"

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The secret is in the revolutionary formula of all-natural ingredients when combined together reduce inflammation, pain and can also help heal.

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  • testimonial My wife and I have tried many other products for pain and inflammation over the last few years and none have had the efficacy of I-Live Pain Free. Within two weeks of starting it, the pain and stiffness were gone. We are both very impressed by this product. So much so I will be recommending it to all of my patients.
    Jose Romero-Bosch MD, New York
  • testimonial I have arthritis in my hips. After taking one pill daily of I Live pain free after two weeks I was pain free. Decided to take one pill every other day and I was still able to live pain free.
    Peter B., NJ
  • testimonial After 16 years of opioid narcotic pain medications and one of a kind addiction, I am now 97 days without any medication. It took 9 months of withdrawals to get off of this medication. I tried I- Live Pain Free for the first time 2 months ago and I could not believe how much it helped me. Thank you for having such an awesome product!
    Cathy W., FL
  • testimonial I had severe pain in both arms, just below my shoulders. I couldn't lift them or stretch them or hardly use them. I tried I-Live Pain Free not expecting any benefit, but the pain actually disappeared.
    Marlene D., NY
  • testimonial At this point, my orthopedic surgeon felt I would be a candidate for conversion from unicondylar knee replacement to fully replacement. With the suggestion of Dr. Enescu, I took 2 capsules twice a day for 2 weeks. I-live Pain Free took the pain away. I am now taking 1 capsule twice a day. I am getting my life back. I can drive, walk, and ride an adult tricycle without pain. Thank you.
    Carolyn R., NJ
  • testimonial About six weeks ago, Dr. Enescu from NY recommended this medication. I bought from his office two bottles of I Live Pain Free , a total of 60 pills. I took two pills a day and in a very short time my pain was almost completely gone. I finished the pills and now, the pain is back. I am going to order immediately two more bottles. I cannot wait for my next order of I-LIVE PAIN FREE to arrive!
    Aurelia R., DC
  • testimonial After taking I Live Pain Free for about a week, I no longer had sharp pains in my knees and feet. I also feel more energetic. I continue to take one capsule a day and I could not feel any better.
    Diane D., New Jersey
  • testimonial I buy the pills for my father. In days of pain he gets the relief he wants. A friend pharmacist recommended them and uses for 2 years now. A bit pricy for our pocket though.
    Nicolas T.
  • testimonial One of the most effective pain reliever I know. I tried all off the over the counter medication and none works better.
    Max B., New Jersey
  • testimonial I have experienced chronic back pain for the past 40 years...I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and am very satisfied with the results.
    Georgia V., California
  • testimonial I must tell you that I am so happy i tried your product. I feel normal again. Took them for a week now, 2 times a day and am starting to feel great. This is an unbelievable product.
    Fran D., New Jersey
  • testimonial I've been taking these four months after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This is the best I've felt in 10+years. Can't thank you enough.
    Carmela C., New Jersey
  • testimonial Recently my mother fell down and broke two meniscus. Pain has been really intense and she has been taking NSAIDs without any pain relief. Recently, she tried I-live Pain Free and taking 2-3 capsules a day, it has greatly reduced pain! Unbelievable!
    David I., New Jersey
  • testimonial I live pain free has given me my life back. I have a five year old daughter that i can keep up with.
    Andre M.
  • testimonial I have struggled with debilitating back pain for two years. After going to an orthopedist, pain management doctor, chiropractor, doing physical therapy and taking pain medication, I thought my only option to live a normal life would be surgery. One of my colleagues told me she was taking "I Live Pain Free" and it changed her life. I figured it was worth a try. After 10 days, the "edge" was gone from the pain. Now, a month later, I am feeling so much better. There are many hours in a day that I don't feel pain at all. This product is amazing!
    Randi G.
  • testimonial I sent a testimonial several years ago when I first tried I-live pain free, and have been taking it regularly. My husband questioned me on how I know it really is still helping me so let myself run out and now he knows when my pain increases It can be really hard for me and I-live pain free does really lower my pain level. I also get it for our niece who finds it helpful with her fibromyalga.
    June F.
  • testimonial I tried "I Live Pain Free" for a short time and found that it worked well on my knee. Because as soon as I stopped the pain returned. I am now going to try it longer with hopes that it will help my severe back pain. If it does I will be the first to SCREAM it across the internet!
    Bernard B.
  • testimonial I have really bad back pain. This has really helped me. Had a set back and hurt my back further. Ordering this again.
    Cynthia M.
  • testimonial A friend recommended I-Live Pain Free and I got them for my father. It's the only thing that really helped with his knee pain. He's tried many other medication and supplements but nothing worked as good as this.
    Marian D.
  • testimonial I've been using this product over a year now and this is the only medication that really helped with my joint pain. This medication relieves the pain so I can enjoy the daily activities!!! I'm thankful to God there is a product like that on the market and I would recommend this to everyone who lives with chronic pain!!!
    Alfiya B.
  • testimonial Thank you for this wonderful product. My sister and I had lower back pain. My mother, father and brother had lower back and knee pain. My family and I have been living pain free for the past several months. We wish we would have known about this amazing product sooner. You couldn't have named it better. From the moment we started taking the pills we truly live pain free.
    Vasile B. and family
  • testimonial I never thought I'd be jamming the hoop again after snapping my ankle. I got through rehab and got back on the court thanks to I Live Pain Free.
    Paul B.
  • testimonial This product is really unbelievable. I started taking it and in 3 days was back on my feet. As a tennis coach I can't afford to be out of commission with pain of foot. Thank you so much!
    Nick B.
  • testimonial I have tried your product and it seems to work very well, I bike a lot and sometimes I get stifness and pain between my shoulders also the sciatic nerve bothers me when I make to much effort and your product helps a lot. A friend of mine introduced me to it and I on my turn introduced two more people to your product.
    My question is :do you think it may help ease pain resulting from Anchilosing Spondilitis? I have a nephew wich suffers from AS and I would like to intrduce him to your product.
    Mike C.
  • testimonial My back pain was diagnosed as L4/5 spondylolisthesis and anterior osteophytosis and I was unable to bend forward and reach within 12 inches of the ground due to pain and tightness even after taking ibuprofen. After a week of taking "I LIVE PAIN FREE" I feel much better and can touch my toes again with only mild discomfort. My back pain is 90% gone! I like that now I can go on long walks without the fear that I'll be in too much pain to walk back home.
    Thanks so much!
    Bruce F.
  • testimonial My daughter-in-law introduced me to I-live pain free last February. I was waiting for a much needed full knee replacement and also have a blockage in my lower back that causes pressure on my sciatica nerve so was in considerable chronic pain. After taking I-live pain free, I am much more comfortable. I have had my knee replacement and am happy to report it went very well but am still waiting for help with my back so have continued to take I-live pain free as it reduces the inflammation in my back enough that I can get on with the rest of my life.Thank you I-live pain free.
    F. Maple Ridge
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